Post 503 News And Comments
Activities at the Post
Lunch Monday thru Fri 11:30 - 2:30pm

Trivia Tuesdays: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month, 5:00 to 7:00. Come out alone or with a team, great fun evening
Darts on Friday, 6:00, no fee, everybody plays

Nathan's Hot Dogs, $1.25 each, Nights & Weekends (except when kitchen is open)
Wing Night, 2nd Wednesday of the month, 5:00 

Taco & Taco Salad Night, 4th Wednesday of the month, 5:00

Breakfast at the Post: 4th Sunday of the Month, 8:30 to 11:00, $6.00

SAL Pancakes at the Post: 5th Sunday of the month (4x a year), 8:30 to 11:00, $5.00

Calabash Veterans Golf Association (CVGA), Every Monday

Some Dates to Remember
Post 2018 Election
Results of the Post 2018 election are on the Post Officers page of the website.        
Online Exchange Shopping for Veterans Approved
In Jan 2017 the Defense Department approved extending online shopping at military exchanges to all honorably discharged veterans, a move that would affect 18 million veterans.
The policy change was sent in Feb 2017 to lawmakers on appropriate House and Senate committees. If no objection is raised, the new consumer base should have access to tax-free online shopping at Army, Air Force and Navy Exchange websites by Veterans Day, Nov 11 2017.

Lowes Military Discount
Lowes Home Improvement Centers have historically given 10% Military Discounts every day to active duty and reserve personal and a 10% discount to all veterans on Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day. They are expanding the program to all military veterans every day. You can register by going on the internet to Discount. All the info needed is on your DD 214. It is not done with a card, once registered it will be connected to your phone number in their computer system. At checkout you tell the cashier that you are authorized a military discount and your phone number. When your phone number is entered in the system it will come up "Joe Doe is authorized a military discount"
The system has some problems handling discharge dates. If you have a problem go to Customer Service at a store and they will register you. You webmaster had a problem and went to Customer Service at the North Myrtle Beach store and was registered in about 10 minutes. A very nice veterans benefit!
The Legion Flag Retirement on Sat June 30 
The  American Legion Flag Retirement Committee consists of Gordon Robinson Chair; Mike Blandino, member; Ricky Rix member, Warren Wojiski, member as well as Bill Hertline VFW, member, Bill Reinhardt VFW, member and Bill Corter ELKS, member. On Sat June 30 about 1200 flags  were retired by Gordon Robinson.  

The Post Trailer
On Oct 21 the Post purchased a 12'x6' enclosed trailer for general use by the Post after the one belonging to Commander Craig Sweetman, that he had graciously allowed the Post to use, was stolen in August. The new trailer was found on Craigs List by Ricky Rix, a motion to purchase it was made by Gordon Robinson who later negotiated a price with the owner. Craig Sweetman picked it up and later took it to The Sign Shoppe for lettering which looks really good. A committee of Mike Blandino, Chair with Ricky Rix and Gordon Robinson,members, will manage the trailer. It will mostly be used by The Can Clan (Aluminum can recycling) and the Flag Retirement Committee for storage between Flag Retirement Ceremonies.The trailer can be used to support other Post functions. To use the trailer a request must be made to the Committee at least 2 weeks in advance so they can arrange to have the trailer empty for use.

Kenny Keenan Maintains the Trailer                                                                                                                   Kenny Keenan has boats and boat trailers. The Can Clan asked Kenny if he would save the Post some money and by pulling the wheels off the new trailer and grease the wheel bearings.Kenny has done it and saved the Post money. Thank you Kenny!              

The Can Clan sets another Record
On Wed Jan 11 2017 the Can Clan set a record by bringing 400 lbs of aluminum cans to the Recycling Center which was $120 for the Post. The crew that day was Mike Blandino and Ricky Rix. Dick Harding has arranged for the VFW of Holden Beach to collect aluminum cans for veterans care as well as our Post and the Calabash VFW. The Post collects aluminum cans from members in a bin behind the shed in back of the Post

Military Personal in NC 
North Carolina has the 3rd highest level of active and reserve military personal in the US with 129,049. California is !st with 190,160 and Texas is 2nd with 173,118
Home Owners Insurance and NC Wind and Hail Insurance
Recently your Webmaster Gordon Robinson received some information about the above insurances from the Wilmington MOAA (Military Offers Association of America) Chapter that he took advantage of. The NCIUA (North Carolina Insurance Underwriters Association) Wind and Hail Policy's Dwelling Coverage should not be higher than the Dwelling Protection of your basic Home Owners Policy which for me is USAA, as it probably is for many other members. For me the NCIUA Policy Dwelling Coverage was $28,000 more than the USAA Home Owners Policy. In most cases your Home Owners Policy Insurance Company is the agent for the NCIUA for the Wind and Hail Policy even though not the actual insurer. You can probably get it corrected through your Home Owners Policy Insurance company.
I got mine corrected through USAA and will save $150/year. I, and apparently many other people, have overpaid for many years
It is relatively easy to check the basic coverage in both policies. This is your yearly money saving tip from Post 503!
Your Webmaster saved $64 after he checked and it will be $64 per year in hr future
Buster and Joan Donahue have run the kitchen for 3 years
Buster Donahue, assisted by his wife Joan, have now run the kitchen for 2 years. Both are present almost every day! Craig Sweetman will remain the Asst Kitchen Manager. The kitchen is a lot of work and responsibility. We are lucky to have people like Buster and Joan that will step up and accept the responsibility and the work. Thank you Buster, Joan and Craig!

National Museum of the Army
The Army is the only branch of the service that does not have it own museum. The Air Force National Museum is at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton OH. The National Museum of the US Navy is at the Washington Navy Yard in Washington DC. The National Museum of the Marine Corp is at MCB Quantico in Triangle VA.
In Nov of this year, the Army will break ground for the National Museum of the United States Army at Fort Belvior in Fairfax Va. For more information and info about Memorial Bricks, go the museum website at:
Opening of the museum is planned for 2017.   

Women in the Military
Now that our Post has had a year under our first woman commander, I thought it might be interesting to review how many women are in our armed services as of the latest figures available (end of FY 2015):  
         Service                                  Number                  Percent
         Army                                      68,900                    13.6%
         Air Force                                58,500                    19.0%
         Navy                                      57,300                    16.7%
         Marines                                 14,100                       7.0%
         Total                                      201,400
Nocha White, who our Post is named after, was a WAAF ( Woman's Army Air Force) in WWII from 1942 to 1945. She served in England; the only female member of the military from Brunswick County to serve overseas in WWII.
Nocha White died in 1994 in Shallotte
Post Membership for 2017
At the Post Membership meeting Wed April 19 our new dynamic Membership Chair Dale Smith announced that our prepaid membership for 2017 was 749. Thanks for a good job Dale! 

Post Website Judged 3rd Best in State
Recently, the Post was notified that this Website was judged the 3rd best AL website in NC for 2013 out of 239 posts. (To be fair, over half of NC Posts don't have a website.)  Congratulations and thanks to Gordon Robinson and Pam Rivera who maintain this website and to Fred Thorne who originally designed it.

SAL Post Blood Drive 
The Spring  Blood Donation Drive sponsored by the SAL on Sat May 13 was successful with 50 units of blood donated. The SALS do a great job promoting and administrating the blood drive.  

Currently in need of:
Chairperson for Cleanup Committee--Bob Veach has done this for a year many times alone.  Let's volunteer to help!
Volunteer help with cleanup is needed on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. It is only 1-1.5 hours and you can do only one day a week.

Tues Trivia Nights  
The 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month has become Trivia nights at the Post hosted by Gary Gutheil.  Lynn Yarkey and Dianne Smith tend bar for all the thirsty contestants. Bob Smith, our Treasurer, runs the 50/50 drawing.  The kitchen is open thanks to Tim and Marge Sears, Eleanor Gutheil and Roz Handle. Come out and test your knowledge while having a good time.  Come as an individual or as a team. Time is 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm.

Post 503 Donations to Charities and Non-Profits
 2017  AL Child Welfare Fund       $200
                AL National Emergency Fund    $200
                AL Veterans Service Fund    $400

Post Honor/Color Guard
The new commander of the Post Honor Guard is Al Jackson. Congratulations and the official name is now the Honor Guard. Positions are still open, see Al Jackson or John Freed.
New Center for ID Cards (revised 10/15)

The new local center for ID cards is Navy Operations Support Center (NOSC) of the Armed Services Reserve Center, at 3623 Carolina Beach Rd, Wilmington, NC.  Phone # 910-540-9676  Website for appointments: Appointments are on Tues and Thurs from 9:00 to 3:00 pm.

Military Banks and Insurance Companies

In these day when people are changing banks due to fees, there are some military options to consider: USAA(United Services Automobile Association), San Antonio TX. USAA was only military officers for about 50 years, opened to active enlisted personnel in 2000 and to all vets in 2008. They insure cars, motorcycles, motor homes, boats, and homes (regular homeowners, National Flood Program and NC Wind and Hail Program), have credit cards and brokerage accounts. Your Webmaster has insured through USAA for 35 years. See, 1-800-531-USAA(8722) Pen Fed CU(Pentagon Federal Credit Union) in Alexandria VA. Not as well known as USAA but has 1,000,000 members and 15 billion in assets. Vets can join through the National Military Family Association (one time fee). Has banking, credit cards, car loans, Home Equity Loans, Mortgages. Your webmaster has banked through Pen
Fed CU for 25 years. See, 1-800-247-5626. Neither of the above charge any banking, checking or credit card fees.
Definition of a Veteran
A veteran is a person, who at some time in their life, wrote a check payable to 'The United States of America' for any amount up to and including their life. A veteran is a person who took a chance on giving all their tomorrows for other Americans todays.
A soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him but because he loves what is behind him.
Our kitchen has been very active and is doing very well for our Post. All their activities are done by volunteers. They have three major activities. All activities need both kitchen help and servers. If possible please volunteer for one of these activities, contact the Supervisor.
       Lunches - Mon - Fri, 11:30 - 2:30 pm Supervisor Buster Donahue, Assistant Super Joan Donahue 
       Breakfast at the Post - Fourth Sunday of the Month, 8:30 - 11:00 am  Supervisor Bill Harder
       Purchasing Agent for the Kitchen: Dennis 

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