American Legion Auxiliary

President - Kathy Howard

Vice President - Lee Schreck

Secretary - Bonnie Lee

Treasurer - Sheila Gravelin

Chaplain - Joey Roundy

Historian - Dru French

Sergeant at Arms - Joan Masters

Membership Chairman - Beverly Werner




GIRLS STATE: Janet Polizzotti



EDUCATION: Joan Masters


POPPY: Cathy Delaney

VA & R:         Bonnie Lee & Janet Polizzotti

Auxiliary News and Events

American Legion Auxiliary Unit # 503 

February 14, 2017

Attendance:  There were 17 members in attendance.

Americanism: Chairman Bonnie Lee reported that the Americanism program will take place on March 14 at Jesse Mae Monroe Elementary School at 9:30 AM.  The Americanism Committee will meet on Saturday, March 4 at Bonnie Lee's home to make the final arrangements.

The visit to the Fayetteville Veterans Home for our Bingo/Pizza party will be on April 5 at 10:00 AM arrival time.  More information will be given at the March meeting.  A signup sheet will soon be put on the bulletin board.

Membership:  Sheila Gravelin, membership chairman, reported that we have 172 paid members at this time.  She has been contacting members who are behind in paying their dues for 2016 and 2017.  Membership dues for 2017 are $30.

Girls State:  Report was made by Americanism Chair Bonnie Lee due to Girls State chairman, Janet Polizzotti excused to interview a possible Girl Stater at West Brunswick.  One young lady was chosen from Brunswick Early College, five girls were chosen from South Brunswick, with West Brunswick and North Brunswick High Schools yet to be interviewed.

Community Service: No report was made due to the absence of Chairman Charlene Binley.
Education:  No report due to absence of chairman Joan Masters.  President Kathy announced that tissues are always in need at Jesse Mae Monroe Elementary School if one or more members would care to make a donation of this type.

Chaplains Report:  Chaplain Joey Roundy reported that she continues to send cards to members who are ill or who have suffered the loss of a family member.  The chaplain suggested that we send an arrangement of silk flowers or plants, stating that they would last longer then live flowers.  There was much discussion and it was decided the chaplain would use her own discretion.

Historian:  Chairman Dru French asked that any members who have pictures for the History album to please give them to her.

Poppy Report:  No report was given due to the absence of Chairman Cathy Delaney.
Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation:  No report at this time.  President Kathy will report later on the status of Fair Bluff Project.

President Kathy reported on our ALA District 3 meeting held at the Calabash Fire House on February 4 with 21 members in attendance.  It was a huge success and we received many compliments from our guests and the state officers who were present.  Vice President Lee made a beautiful Valentine basket to raffle.  We raised a total of $82 to give to the president's project.  Thanks to all who helped with the refreshments, they were great!!

President Kathy applauded Drue French on the success of the card party.  She worked very hard on this fund raiser and it clearly showed with the great results achieved.  There were nothing but compliments and all participants were very happy with the great baskets, gift cards and other gifts.  All seemed to be in favor of the change to the Chinese Auction!!  A profit of $703 was reported.  Drue suggested that she will schedule the date for the card party in 2018.  It was agreed by all members.

Coups for Troops:  We collect coupons to be sent to our overseas military.  A collection box is located near the side entrance door.

Fund Raisers:  Lee Schreck will be chairman. 

Correspondence:  President Kathy read a thank you note from Bob Malloy speaking for the SAL, thanking the ALA for paying for the breakfast served to the veterans of Summit Place.

Unfinished Business:

There was much discussion on what to do for the mentioned veterans in Fair Bluff.

It was suggested to give gift cards for Walmart or Piggly Wiggly.  It is up to the vet and how approachable the location is to them.  A motion was made to give each of the two single veterans a $100 gift card, a $200 gift card to the veteran and wife, and a $300 gift card to the veteran with the family, totaling $700 given in gift cards.  This was agreed by all.

President Kathy has reported that the sock program for deployed military and the National Guard has been put on hold due to the need of finding a contact to make it possible to send a package.  It was suggested that maybe we could contact a Blue Star Mother for info.  Any ideas?

New Business:

President Kathy told of a young nine year old boy at Jesse Mae Monroe Elementary School having a stroke.  He was sent to USC Medical Center for treatment.  The family is overwhelmed with the growing medical bills.  A motion was made to give this family $500 to help with the bills.  It was agreed to by all and the motion passed with the approval of all.

President Kathy announced that the meeting survey sent out showed that the majority of members wanted to have our meeting on Tuesday.  It was suggested that we meet at the Calabash Fire House, with much discussion on keeping our meeting at the post to show our support.  Finally, after much discussion a motion was made to continue to have our monthly meeting at the post on the first Tuesday of the month at 9:30 AM.  It was seconded and agreed to by all in attendance.  Our next meeting will be March 7 at 9:30 AM.

President Kathy announced that she would like to honor the Korean War Veterans with a cookout at Calabash Community Park.  She would like to include the VFW and the Elks to make it a community event.  All members were in favor with such an event.  More info to come at our March meeting. 



Backpack Bowling  March 18 @ 10:00 AM

Auxiliary Notes and Activities

Next Auxiliary Meeting - Tuesday, March 7, 2017, 9:30 AM 


December 2016

December Message

Attendance:  There were 15 members in attendance.

Americanism: Chairman Bonnie Lee reported that the Americanism Essay Packets were delivered to Shallotte Middle School.  She will follow up with the counselor on the number of students participating.  Jesse Mae Monroe Elementary School 3rd grade Americanism program will be held on Tuesday, March 14th.  There are 4 3rd grade classes this year with 91 total students.

Membership:  Due to Beverly Werner's absence, Sheila Gravelin has assumed the responsibility of membership chair.  At this point it was reported that our unit has 110 paid members.  We have 188 members.  Membership dues for 2017 are $30.

Girls State:  No report due to the absence of chairman Janet Polizzotti.

Community Service:  A suggested Community Service sheet with a log sheet was handed out to help members keep track of
hours, expenses and mileage on community projects.
Education:  No report due to absence of chairman Joan Masters.

Chaplains Report:  Chaplain Joey Roundy reported that a plant and card were sent to Beverly Werner in sympathy on the loss of her husband.  Also a sympathy card was sent to the family of Kathy Platt who recently passed away.  Kathy was a long time member of our unit.

Historian:  No report due to the absence of Chairman Dru French.

Poppy Report:  There were three shifts of distributing poppies at Ace Hardware on Veterans Day.
Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation:  No report.

Coups for Troops:  We collect coupons to be sent to our overseas military.  A collection box is located near the side entrance door.

Fund Raisers:  Lee Schreck will be chairman. 

Auxiliary Christmas Luncheon: The Luncheon was a fun afternoon.  Lots of fun and laughs while playing the Christmas games.

Post Christmas Decorating Party & Potluck:  The Post Christmas Decorating and Pot-Luck Party was enjoyed by all members and guests who attended.

New Business:
Much discussion was held pertaining to helping the veterans and families in Fair Bluff.  This small county town was wiped out by Hurricane Matthew.  The entire town was condemned.  Not only were private homes destroyed, but the local church and most of the businesses.  Kathy Howell, Unit President met with President Kathy and a picture was taken showing President Kathy giving a $234 check paying for the state and department dues for Fair Bluffs members.  We will continue to keep in touch with the members of Fair Bluff to see how we can further help.
District 3 Meeting will be held at our American Legion Auxiliary Unit 503 on February 11, 2017.  Registration is 9:30 AM, with meeting starting at 10:00 AM.
Bonnie Lee will contact Fayetteville Veterans Home and set up a date for our Bingo and Pizza Party.  We will try to schedule it sometime around Easter.
President Kathy discussed the sock program sending socks to our deployed military and National Guard serving in the Middle East.  We will continue this discussion at January's meeting.
Wreaths Across America:  Any members interested in attending Wreaths Across America please contact President Kathy.


Sept 2016

Sept Message

Attendance:  There were 22 members in attendance.

Americanism:  It was found that only one classroom at Jesse Mae Monroe Elementary School was in need of an American Flag which our auxiliary will purchase.  Patriotic Certificates were presented to three local businesses.

Membership:  This year's auxiliary theme is "Let Your Life Shine."  Dues are being collected for 2016-2017.  The dues for this year have increased to $30 for Seniors and $8 for Juniors.  We have 188 members.

Girls State:  Janet Polizzotti read a thank you note from Olivia Miller thanking the auxiliary for sending her to Catawba College to attend Girls State.

Community Service:  A suggested Community Service sheet with a log sheet was handed out to help members keep track of
hours, expenses and mileage on community projects.
Education:  Members were thanked for donating school supplies to the "Give Ten to Education."  The school supplies was delivered to Jesse Mae Monroe Elementary School.

Historian:  The Historian will prepare letters for auxiliary members to sign and send to our congressman concerning our American Flag.

Poppy Report:  The Chairman reported that she and the VFW have been working together.  By agreement, we will be distributing at Ace Hardware on Friday, Veterans Day and the VFW will follow on Saturday.  The sign-up sheet is on the board.  Time slots are 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, and 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.
Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation:  A representative from the Fayetteville Veterans Home requested that some of the hats from "Barbra's Wish" be given to the homeless veterans attending the STANDOWN to be held mid-October.

Wing Night:  The auxiliary will no longer be doing wing night.  As of September 2016, wing night and taco/taco salad night will be hosted by the Legion.

Coups for Troops:  We collect coupons to be sent to our overseas military.  A collection box is located near the side entrance door.

Fund Raisers:  Lee Schreck will be chairman.  It was decided to do a few Quick Raffles.  This would make available monies to work with.  Suggestions included an iPad and some type of gift card.

Auxiliary Christmas Luncheon:  Joan Masters & Dru French - The Christmas Luncheon is on December 6th, 11:30 AM, at California Dreaming.

Post Christmas Decorating Party & Potluck:  Janet Polizzotti & Betty Giese - November 26 @ 4:30 PM, Bring a dish to share!

New Business:
A proposed budget for the 2016-2017 auxiliary year was given to members to review.
President Kathy asked members to think about the possibility of setting up a "Nursing Scholarship at Brunswick" County Community College.  She has talked to the Director of Resources & Development and was told that a minimal scholarship is $1,000.  She will be inviting the Director to speak at one of our meetings.
President Kathy would like to see us have a group craft day.  She asked for suggestions and a volunteer to head it up.
Wreaths Across America:  President Kathy told the members of the history of this program.  The wreath laying day will be December 17, 2016.  A donation of $150 to purchase wreaths to be laid at the Wilmington National Cemetery or if filled, to stay at a cemetery in North Carolina.  Some members would like to be a part of the ceremony.

President's Closing Remarks:  It was suggested by President Kathy tat we put aside some time to get reacquainted and get to know those who have recently joined us, and to remember that we are all One Legion Family.  There was much discussion on members to wear our name tags to help with identifying each other.  Another suggestion was the possibility of putting together a new member packet to help familiarize with American Legion Auxiliary's programs and purposes.

This was our first monthly meeting at the Post held on the new second Tuesday of the month at 9:30 AM. 


June 2016

June Message

I write this message to you with mixed emotions.  It has been an honor serving this organization as president during 2015-2016. Our officers and committee chairmen have worked diligently through the year.  There are so many of you who put in volunteer hours at the post or were involved in community service, distributing poppies, fund raising or serving needy  veterans and their families. To you I extend my most sincere   thanks!! We know that volunteers are the backbone of most non-profit organizations and our Auxiliary is no exception, some of this year’s accomplishes are listed below.

Americanism: Participated in several Veteran’s Day programs
                           Acknowledged 45+ WWII veterans with Veterans Day cards
                           Completed 300 Pocket Flags to give to military who are being deployed
                           Held a Patriotism & Flag Etiquette Program at Jesse Mae Monroe Elementary
                           Participated in the Americanism Essay contest
                           Will be handing out framed Patriotic Certificates to three local business
Girl’s State:      Seven girls will be attending Catawba College for Girl’s State
Community Service:  
                           Assisted Living/ Senior Citizens
                           Coups for Troops                                          Matts (Plastic Bags) for Homeless
                           Local Animal Shelters                                  New born & Teddy Bears for new born
                           Local Food Pantries                                     Quilts for Ronald McDonald
Education:       One member bought “Indivisible”, the story of our flag for distribution to the Middle and        
                           High Schools in Brunswick County.
                           Participated in “Give 10 to Education” donated 700 school items, cost over $700.00
                           Four members participated with tutoring and reading to the students.
                           Conducted a book drive to supply books for students in the kindergarten and the first grade
                           Collected books and magazines for our military members serving in war-torn countries
                           Provided a luncheon for 65 teachers and staff during Teacher Appreciation Week
Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation:
                           Donated $1,000.00 to Creative Arts Festival
                           We pay for the veteran’s breakfast served at the SAL breakfast
                           Helped one local veteran in need with $100.00 Food Cards
                           Helped a veteran with truck repairs
                           Donated a Food gift card to Hutton House for a Stand Down
                           Donated a food card to a veteran and wife, who were having medical expenses
                           Bought a case of energy bars for military serving in Afghanistan for Christmas
                           Made homemade holiday cards for VA homes
                           Held a Bingo/Pizza Party for Fayetteville Veterans Home
                          Participated with the plastic sleep Matts for the homeless veterans.

Our last meeting for this legion year will be held June 13th and our joint meeting and installation of officers will be held on Wednesday June 15th at 7:00 pm. Try to make it out and meet our new officers. In September, we will be holding our first monthly meeting -- and all subsequent meetings – at the Post on the second Tuesday of the month at 9:30 am. This was voted on at our last meeting in the hope of having more auxiliary members at this - hopefully - more convenient hour.

Once again I thank you all for your support. 

For God and Country    


March 2016

March Message

Spring is here and the daffodils are in full bloom.  I love this time of year and all the new birth of nature. It seems to give me a little bit of extra excitement for new and exciting projects.  We still have several months for our legion auxiliary year and hope that we all get that extra boost to continue on with such a GREAT year.

I want to THANK you all for your important contributions of love, time and energy spent on our programs, committees, fundraisers, parties, and most of all doing for our veterans.  The volunteer hours you have given to our unit has shown what love we have for this great organization.

What a wonderful surprise we had at our March meeting. Bob Molloy, Commander of the Sons of the American Legion Squadron # 503 -- who could not make our meeting -- had his 2nd Vice Commander, Carl Valentinetti, present each of us with a rose thanking us for our generous funding towards the breakfasts that their squadron served to our invited disabled veterans and caregivers during 2015.  He also presented us with several pictures taken at the breakfast with some of our auxiliary who were helping at the affair.  It was great working with the SAL, such an important part of our Legion Family!

Our seven Girls State participants have been selected and we will be having their Orientation at the post on Saturday, April 16th at 10:00 AM.  We welcome all auxiliary members who would like to hear about this important program.  I feel certain you will thoroughly enjoy meeting our girls – the are really special.

We continue to ask you to help with our USS North Carolina Battleship Raffle with the proceeds going to the restoration of the ship. We as the auxiliary feel that this is so important to the history of our state for tourism.  In our North Carolina Field and Family Magazine is an excellent article written on keeping the battleship afloat.  Several of us have this magazine and we would be glad to share it.

A Nominating Committee has been selected and we are asking you to please make their job easy.  We know the love in this unit and know how important it is to have dedicated officers.  Ladies here is the time to show your commitment to our organization.  If you are approached please give serious thought to serving for a one year term which will fly bye.  We here at Calabash have several members who will serve as mentors and help when needed.  It takes all of us to work together to make this work.  I close, thanking each of you for your support over the last months!!


February 2016

February Message

Where is the time going??? Spring is on the way and what a month of SUCCESS we ladies have behind us.

Thank you, Card Party chairman Sue Anderson and all auxiliary members who helped her. We received numerous compliments on the assortment and quality of the prizes that were given. It was a day of work while enjoying the fun of those who attended. Sue will be giving us a detailed report at our March Meeting.

Our trip to Fayetteville was great. Thank you for those members attending, Cathy Delaney, Drew French, Eileen Smith, Sheila & Dick Gravelin, Beverly & Bill Werner and Ben and myself. We had 32 veterans playing BINGO and boy do they love their bingo!!. It is good for the heart to see the attention and love we can share with these vets, many whom have no family left in the area to visit them. As usual the pizza, drinks and cookies were enjoyed by all. We delivered felt mice, made by our members, and homemade valentine’s cards made by students from Jesse Mae Monroe elementary school to all residents of the home.

Janet Polizzotti and I are now interviewing the girls who have shown interest in attending the one week of Girls State at Catawba College June 12th to the 18th. We have chosen two of the girls from South Brunswick High School and will be interviewing at West Brunswick H.S., North Brunswick H.S. and Brunswick Early College during the next couple of weeks.  It is always a pleasure meeting with these bright young ladies. Janet and I have been doing this for 14 years and every year it gets more difficult selecting the girls to attend. WHAT GREAT KIDS!!!

The Americanism Committee presented their Flag Etiquette Program to the third graders at Jesse Mae Monroe. These kids are always ready to hear about the flag. The highlight was the showing of the large 48 star flag that was flown during the years of 1912 to 1959.  They then were showed how to fold the flag properly. They are always glad for the question and answer part of the program.  It is so surprising how much they know about Patriotism!

PLEASE members if you know of any of our legion family needing prayers, help or just a phone call, let us know. We can only do this if we are informed. Our Chaplain, Joan Masters is just a phone call away. Her number is (518)860-2512. Please continue to pray for Jack Schreck, the husband of our secretary, Lee Schreck’s husband.

Looking forward to seeing you at our March 14th meeting @ 7:00p.m.


January 2016

January Message

Here we are in another year and still have a number of events to look forward to!!!

Our craft workshop is behind us and I want to thank those who joined in the fun. There were twelve auxiliary members in attendance. We had (Valentine Mice) all over the place. We will be taking them to Fayetteville Veterans Home on February 13th when we will be hosting the Bingo/Pizza Party for the Veteran residents. We do need members of both the legion and auxiliary to help with this labor of love. The residents so look forward to talking to our legionaries. There is a signup sheet at the post. We will be meeting at Lowes parking lot in Little River, leaving promptly at 8:00 AM on 2/13/16!  Let us know if you will join us.

We will be having our annual Card party on February 9th at Ryan’s Restaurant in Myrtle Beach -- Contact Sue Anderson for tickets @ (843) 249-7262.

Remember this is one of our major Fund Raisers so please get your group together and join us!!!

Let’s remember that the month of February is Americanism month. Our Americanism Committee will be visiting Jesse Mae Elementary School with our Flag Etiquette Program. Let us also promise to thank a veteran for his/her service to our country and do something special, for even one of this special group.

Our Department President’s theme this year is “Together, Building Toward the Future”.  We need to do this to maintain our great organization.  We need to concentrate on getting officers and leaders for the coming auxiliary year.  I am asking each of you to spend some time thinking of what you could do for our great Unit # 503.  We want to continue to be able to help our veterans, our communities and our young people.  I have faith that we will work together and come up with a great slate of officers.

Once again I would like to thank each of you for what you are doing for our auxiliary.  We would love to hear if you have any new ideas for us to explore or if you know of any veteran or veteran’s family needing help.  My number is:  (910) 575-2639.

Looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting February 8th at 7:00 PM.


December 2015

December Message

Another year filled with sweet memories and joyous times has slipped away. Let us now look forward to the New Year for our American Legion Auxiliary and our commitments to our communities, youth programs, veterans and active duty military and their families. If there was ever a “labor of love” we’re a big part of it, aren’t we?

Remember to save the fronts of your Christmas cards for our veterans. They can be either turned in at the post any day from 12 noon to 7 p.m. or you can bring them to a future meeting.

We will be having several fund raisers and activities taking place in January and February. The executive committee would love for you to help with or attend one or more of our activities.  Come out to our meeting January 11th for details.

We will have a fun work day at the post on January 16th at 9:30 am. We will be making Valentine Mice favors, to place on the dinner trays of our veterans on Valentine’s Day at the Fayetteville Veterans Home. Our visit to the home will be Saturday, February 13th when we will host a Bingo and Pizza Party for the residents. We will also be teaching how to make the plastic bag Matts for our homeless veterans. If time allows we will also work on designing containers to use for our Poppy Drive on Memorial Day weekend. Come join in the fellowship.

Other activities are planned which we will discuss at the Jan. meeting and complete info will be given about our up and coming card party on Tuesday, February 9th at Ryan’s Restaurant. Sue Anderson is our committee chair for this fund raiser, you can contact her for tickets.

I want to once again thank you for all you do for our great organization and wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year!!! See you at our January meeting.


November 2015

November Message

I would like to thank all of you who attended our November meeting and I continue to look forward to your support in helping our veterans, the community we reside in and our youngsters by teaching Americanism in our schools.  As you know, there is so much we do as a Legion Family and believe me – together-- we truly make a difference!

It was so emotional attending several of the Veterans Day Ceremonies over the holiday.  The Tuesday before Veterans Day we were invited to visit West Brunswick High School for their Veterans Day Remembrance ceremony.  The ceremony was put on by Col. Joe Calisto and his JROTC students.  The Keynote Speaker was Mr. Rick Kaplan and his Canine Angels -- ten or twelve trained service dogs who showed off their special skills.  That afternoon we attended a Veterans Day Cantata at Jesse Mae Monroe Elementary School entitled “This is America.”  The musical was provided by the 5th graders, directed by Mrs. Kristi Smith, music teacher.  What a great show the youngsters put on for us.

Yet another patriotic display was evidenced at Sunset Beach where the dedication of the Veterans Memorial Park took place.  The Park is beautiful and I would suggest that you visit it -- the committee has done and continues to do a wonderful job.  Post # 503 also had its annual Veterans Day Ceremony with a great representation of veterans and spouses followed by a nice luncheon.  Let’s continue to show our patriotism all through the year for those who serve our country!!

We will be having our trim a Christmas tree and Post decoration party on Saturday, November 28th at 4.00pm.  There is a signup sheet at the post and we are asking for those participating to bring an appetizer.  Please join us in the holiday festivity!!! 

Remember to sign up for the Auxiliary Christmas Luncheon at California Dreaming in Myrtle Beach.  We will be having a private room.  Lunch will be $13.95 paid for at the restaurant.  If you or a friend need transportation getting to the affair, we will be carpooling from the post at 10:45am.  The management is asking for a count by December 1st.  Be sure to sign up, holiday games and prizes are planned.  SEE YOU THERE


October 2015

October Message

I would like to thank our members who joined us at our October meeting. We had 21 in attendance which was down from our previous September meeting, but I have faith that November’s meeting will be better. We did have the speaker system and what a difference it made. I want to thank those who helped make that possible.

Our Legion Family Youth Night is behind us but what a wonderful evening it was. I am sorry for those of you who missed it. Meeting and hearing from all of our youth winners was special. Many times we hear of the troubled youth of today but I assure you we had the best of the best with us last week.

Let us not forget November 11th, Veterans Day. We will be having a ceremony at the post at 11:00 am. Hope to see you there. Veterans are what we are about. There are many needs out there for our veterans. We had a call from the State Veterans Home at Fayetteville asking for Toboggan (ski) Hats. If we have any knitters out there who are willing to give of their time, the veterans – many homeless-- sure would appreciate it. Let us all remember what our veterans sacrificed for us. You can contact me at (910) 575-2639 if you have any questions. Some of these veterans have no family to visit-- or do for them--so anything we can do to help would be greatly appreciated!

We will be having a Bingo-Pizza Party on February 13th at the home, complete information will be given at our next meeting.

The holidays will be upon us before we know it. We are planning a Legion Family Trim-a-tree party on Saturday November 28th at 4:00 PM at the post. We are asking that members make a special appetizer and bring to share. Come and join us for the holiday fun. There will be a signup sheet in the hall of the post.

Come out and join us on November 9th at our next meeting and see what we will be doing!!!! Hope to see you then


September 2015

September Message

WOW!!!!  Thank you again, what can I say except that each one of you is very special to me and adds so much to our team.  Kathy Howard (Sgt. at Arms) informed me we had 35 members who signed in at our last meeting.  I was so pleased to see all the familiar faces in the group and even one new member -- let's make her feel welcome.  We still have a few bugs to work out but pulling together, as a Legion Family, we can do anything.  More good news, I have been informed that we will have the sound system for all future meetings.  I hope you could feel the excitement you have helped generate for this auxiliary year.  October is going to be a busy month for out Legion Family but by working together as a team all things are possible!  "Many hands make lite the work."

October 10th 12:00 – 4:00    American Legion Post Picnic at Carolina Shores Picnic Area.  Tickets can be purchased at the post, sign-up sheets at post if able to help. 

October 21st 7:00  Legion Family Youth Night is a Combined Meeting.  Come meet our youth winners and hear what they have to say!!  We need to continue to support our youth of both today and tomorrow.

We are always looking forward to suggestions and new ideas, we would love your input!!  Until we meet again October 12, 2015.


August 2015

August Message

. I knew we could do it, we had 26 auxiliary members attending our August meeting, which surpassed our goal for a meeting quorum. Much was accomplished during our 90 minutes together not the least of which was the approval of the budget for this Legion Auxiliary year. Secondly the members approved the update of our Unit Constitution & By-Laws. We’re now positioned to continue our work assisting our Veterans and active duty troops while doing some fun things at the same time.

Our Chaplain, Joan Masters, is asking that you please notify her if you learn of any member in need of our prayers or condolences because of illness or death in the family. Her telephone is (518) 860-2512 or email at .

Once again I want to thank our Executive Committee, Committee Chairmen and Co-Chairs. They continue to work hard for our great organization. It takes many bodies working together to make a successful Legion Auxiliary year. Each Committee Program has its own importance in our organization. The programs that we will be participating in this year are: Americanism, Girl’s State, Community Service, Education, Legislative, Poppies, and Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation. I am going to try to demonstrate each month the importance of each committee. For example, Community Service is so important to our friends, neighbor’s, and local schools and yes, especially to our veterans and active duty military and their families who reside here in our surrounding communities. Community Service has been a major activity of the Auxiliary since 1926. Making our communities better places in which to live is something Auxiliary members strive for each and every day across this country. Listed below are some suggestions for Community Service:

Community Service

Volunteer at a local hospital

Mats for Homeless

Help at a soup kitchen at a church

Visit a local nursing Home

Pick up medicine or do other errands for shut-ins

Take senior citizens to doctors’ appointments

Help with Special Olympics

Prepare a meal for someone recovering from surgery

Organize a canned goods drive

Organize roadsides clean- in your community

Volunteer at a food bank

Collect coats, socks etc. for homeless

Make cards or favors for local convalescent homes

Make “I Care Kits” with combs, shampoo, toothpaste body lotion, soap, etc. for nursing homes and homeless

Make baby caps for newborns in hospitals

Make quilts for Ronald McDonald Houses

Help with blood drives, first aid and CPR training, child safety programs,

Support for women in shelters, and disaster and emergency preparedness programs

Participate at a Relay for Life

Have a Sing Along at a local nursing home

Volunteer at a local animal shelter

Please remember to sign up on the Community Service Volunteer Sheet, your hours and expenses. This sheet will be passed around at our monthly meetings. If you have any questions please contact our Community Service Chairman, Charlene Binley (910) 754-9383 or

In closing, I want to thank all of you who attended the August meeting and hope to see more of you at our September 14th Unit Meeting!!!!


July 2015

July Message

To begin with, I want to thank all those who attended our July monthly meeting especially with the nasty weather predicted by the “experts”. The meeting went well and we conducted a considerable amount of auxiliary business dealing with general programs, fundraisers, and events.

Our “Give 10 to Education” drive is well under way. We hope that those who have not yet participated will choose to do so remembering that this drive makes it possible for all children to have school supplies. If there are any questions on this program please contact either Sheila Gavelin, (910-575-0295 or Joan Masters, (518)-860-2512.

Kathy Delaney (Poppy Chair) will be working on distributing poppies on Veterans Day, November 11, 2015. Volunteers will be greatly appreciated.

Wing Night - will continue to be held the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Karen Ruck
(910) 579-8249 & Kathy Howard (910) 575-2026 will be co-chairing this fund-raiser. They will be asking auxiliary members to help in the kitchen and I trust all Legion Family members will continue to help support this night.

Card Party
- Sue Anderson will be heading up this fund-raiser. Date of the party will be Tuesday, February 9, 2016, at Ryan’s Restaurant.

Putt-Putt Golf
- Kathy Howard (910) 575-2026 & Joey Roundy (910) 575-8095 will be the co-chairs for this day of fun.  It will be held Saturday, October 17th at the Harborview Par 3 & Driving Range on Highway 17 in Little River.  There will be more information forthcoming.


Joint Youth Night will be held on Wednesday, October 21, 2015. Let’s save this date, we want to show the young people who participated in our programs just how proud we are of them.

Christmas Tree Trimming Pot-Luck Dinner
(more info to follow)

ALA Christmas Luncheon
will be held Tuesday, December 8, 2015, at California Dreaming in Myrtle Beach.

August meeting will be a very important meeting as we would like to vote on our Budget for 2014-2015. We must have a quorum in order to vote. I have faith that you will help make this possible by attending the August meeting. We are always open to suggestions and new ideas and we are really looking forward to seeing you next month.

June 20

June Message

Now that our elections and installation of officers are over and a new Auxiliary year is before us, it is time to get down to business.  I hope you will join with me to welcome our new officers and committee chairs.  As the incoming president I feel that one of my major rolls is to lead in supporting our veterans, active duty military and their families,  Where can you picture yourself in our organization?  Ask yourself "what can I do for our veterans and their families."  With your passion and creativity you can suggest new ideas.  We all must get involved.  Share with us what you would like to do.  We are looking for members to work on key committees and to help with fund raisers.  You can begin by attending our next meeting July 13th at 7:00 pm.  If you need a ride please contact me and I will see that one of us will pick you up.  My phone # is (910) 575-2639.  We are looking forward to a great year of accomplishments and also some fun.  See you on the 13th of July!!

Americanism -   School supplies needed for Jesse Mae Monroe Elementary School:

Yellow #2 pencils
Glue sticks
Small composition notebooks
Ruled notebook paper
Writing tablets
Report folders
Any other school supplies, including pens, rulers, etc.

A container is at the Post for collection of these items.  

Thank you for your support.


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