Commanders Message

June 2017  
1st Vice Commander Chuck Good has been elected Post Commander
"2017 is upon us. As I take Command of AL Post 503, I hope I can count on all of you for your support.
We need volunteers to make our Post strong. If I fail to ask you to volunteer please ask me. We need more
volunteers. Please help me lead Post 503 to a great year in 2017"
                                                                                        Chuck Good  Commander


The American Legion and the Community

 whether it's the national organization or a post. Each post is judged by the community. Its success or failure

reflects this judgement. A good post will encourage active participation by its members with other civic-minded

committees and organizations within the community. It will seek to participate whether or not the activity is 

initiated by the American Legion.

      A good post will know the needs of the community. It will know them by the simple process of planned

contacts by representative post members with other city officials, educators, welfare workers, community 

leaders and other civic and fraternal groups. A legionnaire who does a good job for the community

deserves recognition and thanks from the post, whether it was a post sponsored activity or not.

      Veterans' activities alone will not establish The American Legion as an asset in the eyes of the community  
We have many great volunteers, but we could always use more to give a little relief to our present volunteers.
We have the reputation of being the most friendly organization in the area. This is due to the fact that our
members make everyone feel welcome when they walk through our doors.
                                                                                                         Former Commander
                                                                                                         Bob Veach























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